How to paste stickers to Goodnotes Planner

Paste sticker to the Goodnotes is very easy with out app! Let’s learn the basics in this tutorial. Click on any sticker you want to paste in the Goodnotes. It will be copied to the clipboard. Open your planner at the page you want to paste sticker. Choose the place to paste and hold your finger on that place. You will see the hint with the Paste button. Click on Paste. Now you can rotate or resize the sticker. Our stickers are high resolution, so you can resize them with no troubles 🙂 If you placed sticker but want to replace it or change you can use the stroke function. Choose it,...

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How to add trackers to Goodnotes planner

You can easily add any of our trackers to you planner. Open you Planner in the Goodnotes at the page next to which you want to add the tracker. Open Plany and download the tracker you want to add. Click at the Goodnotes icon in the import dialog. In the Goodnotes choose where you want to paste tracker – before or after current page and click at – Import to Current Document. You can also change the tracker order in the planner as you want.

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How to set new cover to Goodnotes Planner

The easiest way to change the cover of the Goodnotes Planners is: Open you Planner at the first page. Download Cover at the Plany app and click Import to Goodnotes button or click at Goodnotes icon. Choose the before option in the Goodnotes and click on blue button – Import to Current Document. The new cover is set! Now you can delete the old cover if you want.

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How to install and use Digital Planner to Goodnotes

Click on Goodnotes icon in the import dialog after downloading the file. If there is no Goodnotes icon – click here! to check the little instruction. When the Goodnotes will be opened you can rename the new Planner with clicking on the file name. We set the My Plans name. After that – click on big blue button – Import as New Document. How to use links in digital planner? In the Goodnotes app you can find the special button with the pen icon. When you click on it – you entered the Writing / Editing mode. You can edit you planner in that mode, but you can’t use...

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