26 November, 2021

How to install and use Digital Planner to Goodnotes

26 November, 2021
  1. Click on Goodnotes icon in the import dialog after downloading the file. If there is no Goodnotes icon – click here! to check the little instruction.
  2. When the Goodnotes will be opened you can rename the new Planner with clicking on the file name. We set the My Plans name.
  3. After that – click on big blue button – Import as New Document.

How to use links in digital planner?

In the Goodnotes app you can find the special button with the pen icon.
When you click on it – you entered the Writing / Editing mode. You can edit you planner in that mode, but you can’t use the links.
So click on it (if it’s enabled) and try to click on any planner link.

How to duplicate any page in digital planner?

That’s really easy!

  1. Open your planner on the page you want to copy and click on the icon with the page and plus.
  2. Choose the insert place (Before / After current page or Latest page) and click on current template (or any other template). The page will be added.

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